The Monitoring System Toolkit – MOST – is a vendor and technology independent set of tools to simplify measuring, processing, and visualizing different building data streams (energy use, occupancy, comfort, etc.). MOST

  • supports various building systems (BACnet, KNX, common BMS systems, etc.),
  • provides powerful data preprocessing functionality (generation of periodic – hourly/weekly/… – datasets, workdays only, etc.)
  • enables batch processing with external tools (Excel, Matlab, etc.) and
  • delivers a number of analyses and visualization applications (modular web interface, Matlab framework, etc.).

Error detection

Use your tools

Simple visualization

Reduce costs

vendor/technology indpendent
building monitoring toolkit


All components are available free of charge (open-source!):

  • Connector (driver) to OPC DA (and therefore BACnet, KNX, M-Bus, EnOcean, etc.) and “SQL structured” data sources using JDBC (ODBC, MS-SQL, MS Access, MySQL, etc.)
  • Database engine (data preprocessing – stored procedures, performance optimization, etc.)
  • Java framework (various software interfaces, virtual datapoints, etc.)
  • Matlab framework (advanced data processing, statistical analyses, etc.)
  • User Interface (GWT based visualization framework, simple data access, etc.)



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