User Interface

Based on the Java-Framework, a web interface is developed using the Google Web Toolkit (GWT). GWT allows web development with the program- ming language Java for server (running on a central server station) and client side code (running in the user’s browser). Client side code is converted to platform optimized JavaScript at compile time. This strategy allows the development of reusable compo- nents for several use cases. Each use case is imple- mented using an independent module and has a main menu entry as shown in the figure. A generic module implementation is available as a starting point. Sev- eral reusable components are developed to simplify the implementation of new modules.

The drag and drop functionality of GWT is en- hanced with several features (highlighting of drop- pable areas, etc.) and various wrapper classes are provided for data visualization (DragWindow, ChartWrapper, etc.). To show the potential of the visualization framework, some modules covering various use cases were implemented. For example, the chart module allows creating trend charts from any datapoint by dropping the datapoint on the mod- ule. An export module is intended to be imple- mented to show how data can be requested based on various rules (e.g. only workdays, only defined time slots, etc.). Currently, data visualization possibilities within a two or three dimensional building model are being explored.