Releasing MOST “V1.0″

After a lot of refactoring and merging of different sub-project (OPC UA, oBIX, etc.) we are finally able to release “V1.0″ of MOST!

git clone

Use “mvn clean install” to build it.

Special thanks belongs to Jakob Korherr, Alexej Strelzow, Christoph Lauscher, David Bittermann, usw. for their great work!! We also welcome our new developers Christian Tauber and Reinhard Zach.

One comment on “Releasing MOST “V1.0″

  1. I am working on a project to monitor power production on a heat exchanger that runs off the excess hot water from a local Biomass fuel company. They are doing great work finding ways to make systems more efficient and turn waste into fuel. I am trying to set up a monitoring system for them but all the commercial solutions are so expensive! This project seems perfect. It would make small systems like theirs alot more affordable to integrate! I would love to use your platform, perhaps use it to connect the OPC data from their OPC server to a JDBC stream going to google cloud SQL. I am really excited about the prospects offered by this project. Do you have any documentation I could look at on it?

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